China and Taiwan conflict | Will China Invade Taiwan? | China Taiwan War

China and Taiwan conflict

The China and Taiwan conflict/crisis is now the talk of the town. We will discuss details of the issue.It is very important to discuss history to know better about the issue.

China and Taiwan conflict
China and Taiwan conflict

A Look Back in Time

In 1949 Chiang Kai-shek and his party Kuomintang(KMT) lost the ‘Chinese Civil War’ to the communists led by Mao Zedong. KMT fled to Taiwan and maintained administrative control over it. Mao was planning to assault Taiwan for United China and to win the final war against KMT. But the ‘Korean War’ erupted in 1950. Mao was busy helping the communists of North Korea to win the war. So, this war prevented Mao from invading Taiwan. The United States also committed the KMT to protect Taiwan to be strong in this region against communism. Taiwan then became an essential ally of the US.

Will China attack Taiwan? China Taiwan Invasion

The actual name of Taiwan is ‘Republic of China’. Taiwan has been a province of China since China Cold War. Taiwan’s defence is not that important to prevent a Chinese attack. But China does not want to win against Taiwan by force. They want to keep pressure on Taiwan to convince them to join China. 

China and Taiwan Military Comparison

Defence Budget$230 Billion$16.8 Billion
Active Personnel2 Million0.17 Million
Armoured Vehicles350003472
Mobile Rocket Projectors3160115
Total Aircraft3285741
Fighter Aircraft1200288
Fleet Strength777117
Aircraft Carriers20
Patrol Vessels15243
Mine Warfare3614

We can say that China can attack Taiwan, if they want. But China did not want to do so. They want to solve the problem politically. They sent missiles in Taiwan Naval Borders a few days ago after 1996. But it was only a threat to Taiwan as Nancy Pelosi’s visit in Taiwan. 

Why is Taiwan important to China? Is Taiwan Part of China?

Taiwan is one of the finest electronics microchip manufacturers in the world. They are manufacturing 4nm microchips for Apple. The Economy of China is dependent on technology. Tech products need electronic microchips. China is dependent of Taiwanese microchips.

China is trying to develop their microchip technology. They are working on different projects to develop more efficient microchips. But they developed only 7 nm sized microchips. So the major part of the economy of China is dependent on Taiwan.

Despite these, China considers Taiwan as one of their provinces. Any state will not want to lose control over their province. China is preparing their economy and defence system to become a ‘Super Power’ country. Losing control over Taiwan will be disrespectful for China. That’s why, they are responding very seriously against the recent tour of Nancy Pelosi.

Will Taiwan declare independence? Taiwan considers themselves as an independent nation. But they would not take any drastic decision to their constitution or state rules against China. Because Japan sometimes discusses Taiwan as one of their lost provinces. But Taiwanese people do not want to join with any state. The U.S. has their own act to secure Taiwan. This is a great protection for Taiwan. But they do not want to face any war with neighbouring countries.

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