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US judge issued prevention on a ban on TikTok

A US judge issued prevention on a ban on TikTok app.

The app was blocked from Apple Store and Google Play Store according to the US government decision. The current users can use it but none can download further. In fact, software update was also unavailable.

US judge issued temporary prevention on a ban on TikTok

TikTok authority requested court to prevent the government decision. The High Court of US sealed the decision of the government. That’s mean people can now download or update apps.

Tiktok releases a statement to thanking the US judge to defending their right.

Tiktok authority argued in the court on the basis of First and Fifth Amendments of the US constitution. They argued that the state decision of US violates these amendments.

These amendments secure the freedom of speech of the people. They argued that preventing people to download these app without their concern harm their right of speech. They also added that they did not get the proper opportunity of defending themselves. They need proper time and process to discuss with the US officials. They are claiming that there are undergoing a negotiation between the TikTok authority and US officials. It is unnecessary to impose this type of decision during the discussion and negotioation.

The US government assigns a prominent lawyer to defend the government. He defined TikTok as a ‘spoke person’ of the Chinese Communist Party (CPP).

US officials also imposes ban on Chinese app ‘WeChat’.

US National Threat

US officials think these apps as a national threat to their country till now. Trump administration is trying to ban all of these types of apps.

TikTok is owned by Bytedance which is a Chinese company. This company also operates a parallal version of this app only for their Chinese consumers.

The Trump Administration stated that they trying to compile the US citizens data and using and helping to secret agents to maintain communication between them.

But TikTok authority is denying the allegation as they are saying that they stored the in US and Singapore. So, These are not subjected to Chinese law.

TikTok also declared to do agreement with database company Oracle and Walmart which is retail giant to give 20% share as the part of their expansion called TikTok Global.


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