Russian Vaccine a Myth or Reality

Russian Vaccine a Myth
Russian Vaccine a Myth or Reality

Russian Vaccine is a locally developed vaccine has been given approval by the Russian Regulatory Commission. It has been tested to human body less than two months.

Is Russian Vaccine a myth?

In fact WHO requested Russian government to follow the international testing procedure of vaccine. WHO listed six vaccines as the experimental vaccine of third phase. But there is not any name of Sputnik-V which has been developed by the Russia. More than 100 vaccines are in clinical trial around the world at different phases. Despite rapid progress, most researchers and scientists believe that any vaccine would not become widely available until mid 2021.

Russian Vaccine a Myth or Reality
Russian Vaccine a Myth or Reality

The methodology of the vaccine is to produce “sustainable immunity” against the corona virus. President has been called it the world’s first vaccine. Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute developed the vaccine at their lab. The are claiming that they had completed all the necessary checks of the vaccine. In fact President Putins’ daughters took the vaccine to prove the reliability of the vaccine. The names of his daughters are Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova. Generally Putin never discuss about his daughters and their life has been shrouded in secrecy.

Mechanism of the Russian Vaccine

The Russian vaccine produces adapted strains of the adenovirus to trigger an immune response. Adenovirus is a virus that usually causes the common cold which is not much serious illness. But the vaccine did not involve larger study which is known as phase-III trial. These trials are very important and essential for the proper testing process. Though Russian health ministry declared it more safe and effective, the WHO did not comply with them. WHO is saying that the data are not sufficient to provide it safety certificate. But Russia was trying eagerly to launch the vaccine as early as possible. UK, USA, Canada, France different countries are alleging Russia to steal the research element of those countries.


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