Corona Pandemic Going to be Dangerous in Winter

Corona Pandemic Going to be Dangerous in Winter
Corona Pandemic Going to be Dangerous in Winter

Corona Pandemic is over or going to be longer.

Winter is the best time for the flu, cold and Corona Pandemic. A large number of people get affected throughout the world.

The fear of the second wave of corona virus is increasing day by day. People are assuming of another blast of virus will surge when the season changed. It may be bigger than the first one.

But the prediction for coronavirus is uncertain and very complex. we cannot be relax in this matter nor being reassured also. There are lot of factors which will be more major role player than the other ones. Our behaiour, culture and government policy are major and basic for the corona virus to spread.

Corona Pandemic Going to be Dangerous in Winter
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One viral infection can block potentially another one. Scientist and researcher are still unknown about the every aspect of the virus. The common question is about the strategy of the people nad government on behalf of corona. Is winter going be more dangerous for the people due to corona pandemic?

Is winter going be more dangerous for the people due to corona pandemic?

This is going to be most unanswered question of the decade. There is no certaint answer till now. Scientist are working on that to get the specific answers. But there some case studies to them.

There are four types of coronavirus which are very familiar to the researchers. All of these viruses common symptoms are normal cold anf flur symptoms. These types of symptoms increases in winter generally. These viruses usually spread more easily in winter. Some of those viruses are actually seasonals. Dr. Rachel Lowe, from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told, “It may be seasonal based on other viruses case studies as those tend to peak in winter.”

There is common tend of all viruses. They survive better outside the body in winter. In fact British reaserchers said that a temperature of 4 degree centigrate is a welcoming situation for coronavirus. In fact in winter, people gather in indoor spaces more than outdoor. And there is a little ventilation system to escape the cold weather. All of these trends can help the corona virus to spread more.

Does the virus mix?

There are different flues and respiratory viruses which attack people in winter frequently. All kind of viruses have some common attacking points like nose, eyes and respiratory system. So, the viruses will have to compete to attack. Generally the one viruse attack can save a person from others as the response of immune system may be active and responsive. A large rhinovirus outbreak may have delayed the swine flu pandemic in some European countries in 2009. The one viruse trigger the immune system and the response protect against other respiratory viruses.

But there are other researches explained that some viruses can get on quite well together and circulate at the same time.

So this new Sars-Cov-2 is fitting into a large complex landscape.


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