US judge issued prevention on a ban on TikTok


A US judge issued prevention on a ban on TikTok app.

The app was blocked from Apple Store and Google Play Store according to the US government decision. The current users can use it but none can download further. In fact, software update was also unavailable.

US judge issued temporary prevention on a ban on TikTok

TikTok authority requested court to prevent the government decision. The High Court of US sealed the decision of the government. That’s mean people can now download or update apps.

Tiktok releases a statement to thanking the US judge to defending their right.

Tiktok authority argued in the court on the basis of First and Fifth Amendments of the US constitution. They argued that the state decision of US violates these amendments.

These amendments secure the freedom of speech of the people. They argued that preventing people to download these app without their concern harm their right of speech. They also added that they did not get the proper opportunity of defending themselves. They need proper time and process to discuss with the US officials. They are claiming that there are undergoing a negotiation between the TikTok authority and US officials. It is unnecessary to impose this type of decision during the discussion and negotioation.

The US government assigns a prominent lawyer to defend the government. He defined TikTok as a ‘spoke person’ of the Chinese Communist Party (CPP).

US officials also imposes ban on Chinese app ‘WeChat’.

US National Threat

US officials think these apps as a national threat to their country till now. Trump administration is trying to ban all of these types of apps.

TikTok is owned by Bytedance which is a Chinese company. This company also operates a parallal version of this app only for their Chinese consumers.

The Trump Administration stated that they trying to compile the US citizens data and using and helping to secret agents to maintain communication between them.

But TikTok authority is denying the allegation as they are saying that they stored the in US and Singapore. So, These are not subjected to Chinese law.

TikTok also declared to do agreement with database company Oracle and Walmart which is retail giant to give 20% share as the part of their expansion called TikTok Global.

Joe Biden Visits Winston to meet Blake Family


Joe Biden is the US democratic presidential candidate. He communicated with the black man who was shot in Kenosha by police. The name of the person is Jacob Blake. This incident sparked a big protest.

Joe Biden visited the church where the shooting take place. There he said, “ Mr. Blake was not going to give up.” Mr. Blake was admitted into hospital as he is paralyzed now.

Donald Trump also visited Kenosha on Tuesday. He visited the incident place, met with officials. But he did not pay visit to the victim family.  Mr. President said, “His family want a lawyer present to meet me.”

Joe Biden Visits Winston to meet Blake Family
Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Visit or Campaign

This state is very important state in the upcoming US Presidential Election.

Donald Trump won in this state in last election. But it was very competitive. He got slightly victory. For this reason, this state is important for both Republican and Democrate Party.

Mr. President is now planning a campaign. They titled it ‘Law and Order’. But the protesters think that Mr. President is dividing the nation. Mr. Biden accused Mr. President of dividing people in race.

The state governor preferred no one in his state. He stated that no candidates should capitalize the incident. It should be free and fare. People should show respect and sympathy for his family.

People were not happy as Mr. Trump visited the place earlier than Mr. Biden. But they criticized Donald Trump when he ignored to meet with the Blake Family.

Local democrats were frustrated for the lately visit of their senior democrate candidate. They have to cancel their party convention due to the covid pandemic. But when Joe visited the church, local democrats were gathered showing support to their candidate. As they cannot campaigning due to the pandemic for maintaining social distance.

Who Plays Important Role

In this visit, Biden’s visit was more important than his speech. Because he met with the victim’s family, protesters. Community representative from law enforcement agencies, businessmen were also there to meet with Mr. Joe. It represents as the unity of all people in presence of Mr. Biden.

On the contrary, Mr. Trump met with officials only. He did not pay visit to Bake Family. He never try to communicate with them also. In fact, he denied the systematic racism.

But Mr. Biden accepted the systematic racism. He also spoke against this.

Some local activists opposed the visit of both people. As they think these visits just a political engagement or nothing else. The think, “Locals should discuss the healing process and reasons more than the outsiders.”

Narendra Modi Twitter Account Hacked

Narendra Modi Twitter Account Hacked


Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India. Anonymous people hacked Narendra Modi Twitter account.

Twitter authority admits the incident. They said that Someone hacked the twitter account which is affiliated with the website of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi Twitter Account Hacked

Hacker tweets a series to requesting followers donate in crypto currency to a relief fund.

Twitter already secured the account and give their statement about the incident.

But hacking the high profile people account is happening frequently in recent months. US Presidential Election candidate Joe Biden and Tesla Founder Elon Musk also face the same incident.

There are 2.5 Million followers in the Modi’s twitter account.But This is not his personal account. Narendra Modi personal account is safe. That has almost 61 Million followers. Twitter said that they are actively investigating the situation and improving the security system of high profile accounts.

Well Planned Scam

Hackers are targeting celebrity accounts. In recent past, many high profile accounts were attacked by hackers. A series of 130 celebrity accounts hacking took place less than two months ago. But Twitter secured the accounts. Hackers were successful to a few accounts only.

Barak Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Bill Gates many more accounts have faced the same incident. Hackers request the followers to help people through crypto currency. They planned the scam perfectly.

 The hackers received hundreds of transfers. They got almost $100,000.

It is very hard to trace out crypto currency. It is almost impossible to trace out the hackers. But Twiiter officials are working on that.

Twitter Security System

Twitter have secured a large number of accounts in the last scam. They also recovered the accounts in very short time. Twitter also reduce the accessibility in their management tools.

But the regular attacks are panicking the followers. They are tensed about their information and data which are stored in twitter. But Twitter is briefing in regular basis to the followers about security issues.

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Zhang declares friendly environment to US companies


Daniel Zhang is the CEO of Alibaba. Alibaba decided to ease the relationship with US government, while US President Donald Trump is pressuring the Chinese tech firms and companies. Alibaba is working to develop the business in US in a new approach.

The chief executive of Alibaba Daniel Zhang explained that the new online retailer policies support American businesses. He beliefs it will create a exclusive opportunity for American retailers.

Zhang declares friendly environment to US companies

On the contrary Donald Trump is planning to impose the tarrifs on the local companies which will not reduce the job opportunities from overseas.

The US administration is making different ways of business plans to pressuring the companies cut ties with Chinese companies. They even want to cut ties with the Alibaba. This plans are disturbing Alibaba as they are failing to plan proper business in US. Tencent, Baidu have also facing problem to run the company in US. Trump administration named the program as “Clean Network”.

Chinese owned video sharing app TikTok and messaging platform WeChat are banned now in US under two executive orders signed by Donald Trump.

Daniel Zhang is briefing investors about their primary business policy in US which will benefited the US retailers and farmers. Alibaba has planned some primary commercial focuses according to the American brands. It will sell the US retailers and farmers products to the consumers of the China and other jkey markets.

Mr. Zhang also added that they were closely monitoring the latest US government policies toward Chinese companies and would comply with the new regulations.

The profit mergin of the tech companies are increasing day by day. Investors invested more in tech companies like Alibaba to improve the lifestyle of the people during the lockdown.

E-commerce business has risen 34% in last three months. Alibaba’s share also soared by more than 20% this year.

People are now purchasing more products from online during the lockdown. Chinese companies developed a well distributed supply chain system to deliver the products. People also became more used to ordering products from online stores. They are ordering groceries from online stores in post covid also. As this pandemic situation is becoming longer, the retailers are planning to sell their products through e-commerce. They are also promoting their products in online more relative to pre-pandemic situation.

Trump is threatening China in his election camps. He is also becoming aggressive to Chinese companies too. He also threatened the companies which still are continuing their outsource work to China. Alibaba’s business is now depending on the relation of Beijing and Washington as the growth of local Chinese market also depending on this geopolitical situation.

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Russian Vaccine a Myth or Reality


Russian Vaccine is a locally developed vaccine has been given approval by the Russian Regulatory Commission. It has been tested to human body less than two months.

Is Russian Vaccine a myth?

In fact WHO requested Russian government to follow the international testing procedure of vaccine. WHO listed six vaccines as the experimental vaccine of third phase. But there is not any name of Sputnik-V which has been developed by the Russia. More than 100 vaccines are in clinical trial around the world at different phases. Despite rapid progress, most researchers and scientists believe that any vaccine would not become widely available until mid 2021.

Russian Vaccine a Myth or Reality
Russian Vaccine a Myth or Reality

The methodology of the vaccine is to produce “sustainable immunity” against the corona virus. President has been called it the world’s first vaccine. Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute developed the vaccine at their lab. The are claiming that they had completed all the necessary checks of the vaccine. In fact President Putins’ daughters took the vaccine to prove the reliability of the vaccine. The names of his daughters are Maria Vorontsova and Katerina Tikhonova. Generally Putin never discuss about his daughters and their life has been shrouded in secrecy.

Mechanism of the Russian Vaccine

The Russian vaccine produces adapted strains of the adenovirus to trigger an immune response. Adenovirus is a virus that usually causes the common cold which is not much serious illness. But the vaccine did not involve larger study which is known as phase-III trial. These trials are very important and essential for the proper testing process. Though Russian health ministry declared it more safe and effective, the WHO did not comply with them. WHO is saying that the data are not sufficient to provide it safety certificate. But Russia was trying eagerly to launch the vaccine as early as possible. UK, USA, Canada, France different countries are alleging Russia to steal the research element of those countries.

Corona Pandemic Going to be Dangerous in Winter


Corona Pandemic is over or going to be longer.

Winter is the best time for the flu, cold and Corona Pandemic. A large number of people get affected throughout the world.

The fear of the second wave of corona virus is increasing day by day. People are assuming of another blast of virus will surge when the season changed. It may be bigger than the first one.

But the prediction for coronavirus is uncertain and very complex. we cannot be relax in this matter nor being reassured also. There are lot of factors which will be more major role player than the other ones. Our behaiour, culture and government policy are major and basic for the corona virus to spread.

Corona Pandemic Going to be Dangerous in Winter
Image : BBC

One viral infection can block potentially another one. Scientist and researcher are still unknown about the every aspect of the virus. The common question is about the strategy of the people nad government on behalf of corona. Is winter going be more dangerous for the people due to corona pandemic?

Is winter going be more dangerous for the people due to corona pandemic?

This is going to be most unanswered question of the decade. There is no certaint answer till now. Scientist are working on that to get the specific answers. But there some case studies to them.

There are four types of coronavirus which are very familiar to the researchers. All of these viruses common symptoms are normal cold anf flur symptoms. These types of symptoms increases in winter generally. These viruses usually spread more easily in winter. Some of those viruses are actually seasonals. Dr. Rachel Lowe, from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine told, “It may be seasonal based on other viruses case studies as those tend to peak in winter.”

There is common tend of all viruses. They survive better outside the body in winter. In fact British reaserchers said that a temperature of 4 degree centigrate is a welcoming situation for coronavirus. In fact in winter, people gather in indoor spaces more than outdoor. And there is a little ventilation system to escape the cold weather. All of these trends can help the corona virus to spread more.

Does the virus mix?

There are different flues and respiratory viruses which attack people in winter frequently. All kind of viruses have some common attacking points like nose, eyes and respiratory system. So, the viruses will have to compete to attack. Generally the one viruse attack can save a person from others as the response of immune system may be active and responsive. A large rhinovirus outbreak may have delayed the swine flu pandemic in some European countries in 2009. The one viruse trigger the immune system and the response protect against other respiratory viruses.

But there are other researches explained that some viruses can get on quite well together and circulate at the same time.

So this new Sars-Cov-2 is fitting into a large complex landscape.